Biomedical writing - Lili Velez, past director of the new biomedical writing program at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, prepared an excellent overview of biomedical writing.

Editorial policies - New England Journal of Medicine, the gold standard of medical journals, has consolidated its editorial policies into a handy brochure.

How to write and publish scientific papers - This review article summarizes Day’s and Huth’s how-to books, along with tips from other resources.

International Conference on Harmonisation - The ICH guidelines aim to achieve greater harmonisation in the interpretation and application of technical guidelines and requirements for product registration.

Medical information on the Internet - AMA posted the principles governing its Web sites on March 19, 2000.

Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals - The Uniform Requirements provide instructions to authors on how to prepare manuscripts. Since these instructions were initiated in 1978, they have been expanded to cover additional, often ethical, issues, such as conflict of interest.