Classic references - Bartleby Bookstore offers free access to classics such as American Heritage Dictionary, Columbia Encyclopedia, Roget's Thesaurus, American Heritage Book of English Usage, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, and even Strunk’s original The Elements of Style (copyright 1918).

Clinical trials - The National Institutes of Health has developed this list of clinical trials through the National Library of Medicine. This user-friendly site is searchable, and can also be browsed by condition or sponsor.

Dictionaries - Robert Beard of Bucknell University offers indexes to on-line dictionaries, thesauruses, and other useful references containing words and phrases.

Encyclopedia - Encyclopaedia Britannica is available online, along with news and other useful information.

The Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Sources - This site lists the best directory sites in health and medicine, and is an excellent starting place for research on the Internet.

Medical dictionaries - NLM provides links to medical dictionaries at MEDLINEplus.

Medical meetings - Doctor’s Guide lists medical conferences and meetings, which can be viewed by subject or date. The site also has links to sites containing more information.

National Library of Medicine - NLM maintains a database of more than 10 million citations as a free public service. The retrieval engine is MedLine, which has evolved into a more user-friendly search service known as PubMed. Other popular features include Loansome Doc for hardcopy document delivery and links to participating journals that provide full text online.